Our Services & FAQ


Fix and flip loans

Our rates are very attractive, among the lowest of Colorado fix & flip lenders, and we act quickly.  No appraisal fee.  No application fee.  No inspection fee.   No junk loan fees.

Our experience with these properties makes us a superior source of financing. Importantly, our loan costs are up front, without the surprise fees buried deep in the loan documentation.


Bridge Loans

A temporary loan until you get permanent financing, usually 1 to 3 months.


Frequently asked questions

How fast can you close? usually close in 3 days or less

What is your maximum loan to value based on the after repaired value?  70% of the  ARV

What  are your loan points? Interest rates? points are 2 to 5%, interest rate 12  to 14%

Do you require monthly payments? yes, interest only

Are there upfront fees? Application fees? Inspection fees? Document fees?  No, No, No, No

What types of properties will you lend on? single family houses and  condos

What insurance is needed? hazard insurance, title, and lender's

Do  you provide proof of funds letters? Yes, provided you have been  pre-approved.

Can anyone live in the house during the course of the loan?  No